BTK Core File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
assertions.hpp [code]Macros and functions for BTK library assertions
atom.hpp [code]Definition of the Atom class
atom_concept.hpp [code]Specification of the Atom Concept
atom_iterable_concept.hpp [code]Specification of the AtomIterable Concept
atom_iterator_concept.hpp [code]Specification of the AtomIterator Concept
atomic_structure.hpp [code]Definition of AtomicStructure base class
atomic_structure_concept.hpp [code]Specification of the AtomicStructure Concept
btk_config.hpp [code]
btk_container.hpp [code]Declaration of BTKContainer class
btk_container_concept.hpp [code]
btk_matrix.hpp [code]Declaration of the BTKMatrix class
btk_sequence.hpp [code]Declaration of the BTKSequence class
btk_vector.hpp [code]Declaration of the BTKVector class
cached_logger.hpp [code]Declaration of the CachedLogger class
chain.hpp [code]Definition of the Chain class
chain_concept.hpp [code]
chain_iterable_concept.hpp [code]
chain_iterator_concept.hpp [code]
chemically_typed_concept.hpp [code]Specification of the ChemicallyTyped and StrictlyChemicallyTyped concepts
chemically_typed_object.hpp [code]Definition of the ChemicallyTypedObject template class
common_functions.hpp [code]Simple, commonly-used math routines
constants.hpp [code]Math constants and related routines
debugging.hpp [code]Methods and macros useful for debugging BTK code
default_atom_dictionary.hpp [code]Declaration of the DefaultAtomDictionary object
default_element_dictionary.hpp [code]
default_monomer_dictionary.hpp [code]
default_structure_dictionary.hpp [code]
default_type_system.hpp [code]Declaration of the DefaultTypeSystem class
dictionary.hpp [code]Definition of the Dictionary class
element_types.hpp [code]Definition of the ElementType ID class
exceptions.hpp [code]Declarations of exception classes used by the BTK
filter_logger.hpp [code]
grouped_element_iterator.hpp [code]Definition of GroupedElementIterator class
linear_algebra.hpp [code]Vector geometry and linear algebra routines
logger.hpp [code]Declaration of the Logger class
logger_level.hpp [code]Declaration of the LoggerLevel class
logger_stream.hpp [code]
logging.hpp [code]A common include file for all BTK logging objects and methods
molecule.hpp [code]Definition of the Molecule class
monomer.hpp [code]Definition of Monomer class
monomer_concept.hpp [code]
monomer_iterable_concept.hpp [code]
monomer_iterator_concept.hpp [code]
pdb_atom.hpp [code]Declaration of the PDBAtom type
pdb_atom_decorator.hpp [code]Definition of the PDBAtomDecorator class
pdb_file_parser.hpp [code]
pdb_system.hpp [code]Declaration and definition of the PDBSystem class
polymer.hpp [code]Definition of the Polymer class
polymer_structure.hpp [code]Definition of the PolymerStructure class
polymer_structure_concept.hpp [code]
predicates.hpp [code]Functions and functors for atom/molecule selection
properties.hpp [code]Methods that compute interesting properties of molecules
rmsd.hpp [code]Functions for molecular superposition and RMSD calculations
rotation.hpp [code]Rigid body rotation routines
selections.hpp [code]Methods and objects for selecting atoms
system.hpp [code]Definition of the System class
system_base.hpp [code]
system_concept.hpp [code]
transforms.hpp [code]Rigid-body geometric transformations for atoms and molecules
type_id.hpp [code]Definition of the TypeID mixin base class
type_id_concept.hpp [code]
type_id_traits.hpp [code]
type_system.hpp [code]Definition of the TypeSystem class
type_system_concept.hpp [code]
type_system_proxy.hpp [code]Definition of the TypeSystemProxy class
vector_math.hpp [code]Basic 3D vector manipulations

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