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BTK Core 0.8.1   --   [download] / [HTML documentation]


      The Biomolecule Toolkit is a library for modeling biological macromolecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA. It provides a C++ interface for common tasks in computational structural biology to facilitate and standardize the development of molecular modeling, design and analysis tools.

Project Status:

15 July 2007:

The Biomolecule ToolKit (BTK) Core library, version 0.8.1 is released!

 This release contains bug-fixes, documentation updates and minor feature additions for library series 0.8. All interfaces should be backwards-compatible with the 0.8 release, though in some cases, re-compilation will be required.

 Future releases in the 0.8 series will focus on documentation updates and bugfixes, with major feature additions and interface changes reserved for version 0.9.

CVS/SVN Access:

      As of June 16, 2006, all development has moved to the project Subversion repository. For historical purposes, we will continue to keep the project CVS repository available for online reference, though no further changes to CVS will be allowed.

      For more information on the project, be sure to see our sourceforge development site.


      If you're interested in learning more about the project, or would like to help out, please contact Tim ( If you have experience in C++ development, biology, biochemistry, computational biology, or just the ability to write a clean sentence, we could use your help! Logo